Seven Seas Water discontinues water production due to ground seas.

PHILIPSBURG:— Seven Seas Water, the water production company has discontinued the production of water due to the ground seas.

During the passing of a hurricane, tanks should be filled to capacity to:

  1. Ensure at least a 2 day storage of water to the community.
  2. To prevent the tanks being damaged.

Yesterday NV GEBE ensured all tanks were filled to capacity, however, by this morning water technicians realised that the tanks were running low. NV GEBE was therefore compelled to discontinue the water supply.

This was an emergency decision to ensure water was sufficient for the community after the storm.

NV GEBE apologises for the inconvenience this has caused.

* *Update on electricity* *
NV GEBE hereby informs the general public that electricity will remain on as long as possible, however once the situation deteriorates and it becomes unsafe, electricity will be shut off until it is safe to restore the power.

We encourage the general public to exercise extreme caution, stay away from fallen lines, as wires may be live without your knowledge. Do not attempt to move lines even if they are insulated. Please call our emergency numbers at 1 844 432 3213 or 1 721 544 3100/ 546 11 89/ 546 11 60/ 546 1100 / 546 2283 or 546 11 93.

GEBE Press Release

Source: St. Martin News Network
Seven Seas Water discontinues water production due to ground seas.