Seven women without valid papers working in illegal brothel in Cole Bay.

p>PHILIPSBURG:— Members of the Human Trafficking Unit (UMM) of the Police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM) searched the Juan Bar in Cole Bay this week, on December 19, 2017, around 6:00 AM. The reason was the suspicion that some women were prostituting there. This suspicion was confirmed. It has been found that in the brothel seven prostitutes were present without the valid residence documents.
The women, from countries such as Colombia, Suriname, Curacao and the Dominican Republic, have been placed under the supervision of the Immigration Service and an expulsion procedure has been put into operation. During the search, in which members of the UMM were assisted by members of the Royal Marechaussee (KMar) and Immigration and Naturalization Service, administration, electronics, and narcotics were seized. But also money and valuable goods, because crime can and may not pay.
Since June 2015, it has been punishable to have a brothel without a license from the Minister of Justice. The manager of the brothel has therefore been arrested for this. In addition, he is suspected of a number of other criminal offenses, including illegal employment and human trafficking (providing residence to illegal aliens). For this, he has been taken into custody.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) will take enforcement action in the future on (catering) occasions that do not have a brothel license from the Minister of Justice.
At the end of the search, the UMM unit closed and left the bar. Shortly thereafter, the police received a report that the closed bar was ‘plundered’. The police have arrested 3 people on this.

Press Release from the Public Prosecutor’s Office