Situation at NIPA not conducive to education — No Threats took place in my presence — Andrea Gibson.

PHILIPSBURG:— Job Coach Coordinator of NIPA Andrea Gibson said in a statement to SMN News on Monday that RN teacher Farrah Busby Richardson did not make any threats to anyone last week Tuesday while she was in her office. Gibson said she cannot say if threats were made anywhere else however, she said that the teacher and the Social Worker Ms. Peterson were in her office for a period of time and at no time either of them threatened each other. Mrs. Gibson said that from her office Busby-Richardson left the school premises.
Gibson who has been working at NIPA for the past three years said the current state of affairs at the learning institution is not conducive to education.
SMN News tried to reach the social worker Mrs. Peterson for a statement but the social worker said she is not in a position to speak with the press, it should be noted that an audio conversation was provided to SMN News where Mrs. Peterson was saying that she never submitted a report stating that the parent Kerry Heron filed any complaint against Busby-Richardson or any student. 
Mrs. Heron told SMN News on Monday that NIPA contacted her on Monday, she said when the school called her phone she was asleep and when she woke up she returned their call. The mother who is clearly upset said that she asked why was she called by NIPA and the person who identified herself as “ANNA” told her that the members of the Supervisory Board want her to meet with her at the school either by 9 am or 10 am on Monday morning to discuss. Mrs. Heron said she informed the person on the phone to tell those that asked her to call her that they should not call her phone anymore, she said she made clear to the person that when the Members of the Board and the Minister of Education was slandering and lying on her they did not contact her. Mrs. Heron said that no one from NIPA including the Social Worker, or the board members would get another opportunity to lie on her. She said whatever she told SMN News last week Wednesday is the truth and the same thing she told SMN News she repeated it to other media houses that contacted her.
The mother is calling on the Minister of Education and the Supervisory Board Members of NIPA to clear her name and not to involve her in their lies.
RN Teacher Farrah Busby Richardson also announced on Monday that she will be taking NIPA to court because she was forced to resign due to the toxic situation at the learning institution.
Last week Wednesday, Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs announced at the weekly press briefing that the board informed her that the teacher who resigned made threats and she was also involved in a WhatsApp conversation that had inappropriate content and the board was investigating after a parent filed a complaint against the teacher all of which was refuted by the parents last week Wednesday.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Situation at NIPA not conducive to education — No Threats took place in my presence — Andrea Gibson.