SMMC Audit delayed as discussions with IVSA and SMMC still ongoing.

emilee15032017Minister may contract SOAB to conduct operational audit USZV.

PHILIPSBURG:— The planned audit of the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) which was called for by the Minister of Health Emil Lee has been delayed as management of SMMC and the Inspectorate is still in discussion as to how the audit will take place. Minister Lee in responding to questions posed by SMN News stated that the audit will take place by IVSA and IGZ but the time frame he had anticipated had to be pushed back because discussions with SMMC and IVSA is still ongoing.
He also mentioned that he too is involved in the ongoing discussions. The Minister said when he made the announcement early February he wanted an audit of the entire healthcare system. He said that while the audit will take place at some point the SMMC is looking towards getting JCI accreditation. Asked if SMMC managed to get such an accreditation if that will exempt them from the inspections that have to be conducted by the Inspectorate that has to ensure quality care. The Minister said whether or not SMMC gets JCI accreditation, which will not impede the job of the inspectorate to conduct controls in order to guarantee quality care on St. Maarten.
The Minister said that while St. Maarten is looking forward to building its new hospital it should be noted that a hospital is just a building but to ensure quality care they are trying to meet international standards by obtaining the JCI accreditation which would ensure that the staff and medical team are up to par. He said the JCI will provide proper training, assist with having protocols while setting international standards for the new hospital.
Minister Lee also said that he is looking to audit the entire healthcare system.
The Minister also mentioned that he is looking into contracting SOAB to conduct an operational audit at USZV. Asked if the agreement the Inspectorate has with USZV to audit the referral department of USZV is off the table now that he wants to include SOAB, the Minister said that he believes that the Inspectorate is in the process of conducting the scheduled audit of the referral department of USZV but SOAB will be conducting a broader audit if he contracts them.

Source: St. Martin News Network
SMMC Audit delayed as discussions with IVSA and SMMC still ongoing.