SMUC President said GEBE workers did not walk out or strike.

~ Workers are frustrated with working conditions ~

PHILIPSBURG:— President of SMUC Ludson Evers representative of GEBE workers told SMN News that his members did not walk out or strike on Wednesday. However, the workers did meet with the human resource manager of GEBE Barris Kingsdale to sort out some of their grievances.

Evers said the workers of GEBE power plant are fed up since they have been seeing any possibility for growth. He said that management of GEBE is hiring new people and placing these persons in top positions while the workers of GEBE are not being promoted. He said that there are two scales of mechanics “A and B” and GEBE workers are not given the opportunity with promotions. Evers said GEBE management have been hiring their friends. He said on Wednesday Kingsdale met with the shop stewards since he is currently in Curacao and Kingsdale promised to provide training for GEBE works so that they could eventually be promoted.

In a previous article written on Wednesday, it states that GEBE workers walked out on Wednesday when the shareholder representative Minister Christopher Emmanuel said there was a walk-out or strike at GEBE power plant when asked how up to date he was with the happenings at GEBE.

Source: St. Martin News Network
SMUC President said GEBE workers did not walk out or strike.