Soldiers clean up oil on Bonaire. | SMN NEWS

BONAIRE:—  About 20 soldiers are helping with clearing away the washed-up oil in Bonaire. The deployment is at the request of the Public Entity of Bonaire
Earlier this week the oil washed up on the beaches of the Caribbean Island. The substance is believed to have come from a ship that capsized off the south coast of Tobago this month.

The Public Entity of Bonaire, the Fire Department, and volunteers have already been busy for some days with clearing up the oil. Due to the scale of the contamination, more manpower is required. That is why an appeal has been made to Defense.

The Dutch Soldiers based in Curaçao as well as soldiers from Curaçao were taken to Bonaire yesterday. This was with a Jaguar vessel from the Coastguard Dutch Caribbean Region.

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