St. Kitts-based gospel artist taking a new approach to his music

SARID DVN is the name of one of the newest gospel music artist in St. Kitts and Nevis. Born Donovan Grant, SARID DVN, is looking to make a big mark on the gospel music scene in the Federation. He has done a new single and is about to release the music video which was shot at Caribelle Batik in Old Road. “I did a new single under (his new record label) entitled “Where is the Church” and also a new video coming out for it shot and edited by ISI Visuals at Caribelle Batik,” SARID DVN said. The video is not yet released but will be launched soon.

Originally from Jamaica, SARID DVN got his start in music in Kingston with a group comprised of some of Jamaica’s up and coming artists. The group is known as the Reggae Rebels back in the early 2000s comprising of artists like Droop Dog (now Droop Lion). The group was under the label: Lexus Production. However, he had a spiritual awakening after almost losing his life to what he describes as evil forces and spirits designed to attack him and thwart his music career. “Something drastic happened where I almost lost my life where I got sick so bad. The sickness left me crippled, dumb and demon possessed. But God healed me through the Church of God Seventh Day where people prayed and cried out to God for me. My life transformed where I gave my life to the Lord,” the gospel artist added.

His second chance at life was why he changed his name to Survivor and eventually SARID DVN. “The name SARID represents my testimony and through that, along with my music I want to help promote the gospel of Jesus Christ,” the artist said. “Sarid meaning survivor, shows how God has been good to me. Psalm 18:33 says “He maketh my feet, like hinds feet and setteth me upon my high places.” And that’s where my tagline came from. “The Last To Stand,” he further explained. DVN is an abbreviation of his given name Donovan and SARID is the Hebrew of Survivor, which was his previous artist moniker. “My name changed from Mr. Ice to Survivor the Gifted and Survivor is my testimony of how (my life)transformed,” Sarid DVN added. “It’s a rebranding process right now. I am rebranding now from Survivor to SARID.”

Now married to a Kittitian and living in St. Kitts and Nevis since last year, SARID DVN, together with his wife has launched a new company called SARID Enterprise to help promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and to win souls for God’s Kingdom. “God gave us the company together with my wife Juel Grant. We are just pushing that right now,” SARID DVN said of his new initiative. Currently SARID Enterprise is operating two subsidiaries: a record label and clothing line. “It’s a group of companies under one umbrella. Where we are at right now we are pushing the record label Sarid Records Inc. and the clothing line which is SARID.”

Through his company, SARID DVN is hoping to bring hope and the gospel of Jesus Christ to people. He has launched his website in a bid to accomplish this. His hope is to sign other gospel artists on the label, but for now he is the only artist but for now he is the only artist on the label.

Source: St. Martin News Network