Successful Visit of Padel Professional Sandy Farquharson at SXM Padel Club, Belair, St. Maarten. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:—  The SXM Padel Club proudly concludes the successful inaugural visit of Padel professional, influencer, and founder of The Padel School, Sandy Farquharson. The week-long event saw Sandy engaging in a series of group clinics and private lessons, leaving a lasting impact on the local Padel community.
During the dynamic week, Sandy Farquharson delivered over 30 engaging sessions, attracting more than 100 players of varying skill levels – from beginners to advanced. The event served as an opportunity for players to enhance their Padel skills while immersing themselves in the energetic atmosphere of the sport.
With the backdrop of the picturesque St. Maarten, Sandy recognized the potential of the island as a prime destination for Padel enthusiasts. Boasting eight Padel courts – among the most in the Caribbean – St. Maarten is positioning itself as a future hub for Padel holidays. Sandy's experience was further elevated by the hospitality of Oyster Bay Beach Resort, one of the event sponsors, where he had the chance to relax and rejuvenate in between his very busy schedule. At night after the sessions, he had the opportunity to dine around and experience the wide variety of St. Maarten’s culinary delights.
Sandy's vast reach within the Padel community is undeniably impressive. With a dedicated following of over 250k social media enthusiasts, his Padel-related content has resonated with more than 25 million players globally. His coaching platform has successfully elevated the skills of over 5,000 players, a testament to his influence and expertise.
The visit of a Padel professional of Sandy Farquharson's caliber underscores the burgeoning popularity of Padel as a trending worldwide activity. St. Maarten is taking a proactive stance in broadening its range of offerings for both visitors and residents, with Padel taking a prominent position on the island's recreational landscape.
In his reflections on the experience, Sandy Farquharson shared on his LinkedIn page, "My trip to SXM Padel Club taught me many things (as always) about working on court, but most importantly about building a community at a club. On the island, there is a relatively small population, but still there is an enthusiastic and thriving Padel community. This is really down to the coaches, managers, and players."
Sandy's observations highlight the pivotal role that all stakeholders play in nurturing a strong Padel community, an ethos that aligns seamlessly with the ethos of SXM Padel Club. He continued, "Everyone involved at a club has a responsibility to bring out the best in the community, and when that happens you see the game really grow." Emil Lee one of the participants had this to say about his experience; “Sandy’s training methods and insights were amazing. He left me with a clear training program that will definitely continue improving my level of play”.
The event garnered exceptional enthusiasm, with all clinics selling out within days and a waitlist becoming necessary. The SXM Padel Club expresses gratitude to their sponsors, including Port St. Maarten, Villa Amalia, Royal Jewelers, MIKAND ST. MAARTEN, SXM-TALKS.COM, and The Daily Herald, for contributing to the realization of this extraordinary event.
As the event draws to a close, SXM Padel Club and The Padel School are already actively planning to transform this successful occurrence into an annual tradition, with ambitious goals to amplify the event's scale and impact in 2024. The collaborative effort between these two entities exemplifies their commitment to cultivating the Padel community and promoting St. Maarten as a premier Padel destination.
The SXM Padel Group founded the SXM Padel Club in December 2021, the first of its kind on the Dutch side of the island. SXM PADEL Group is committed to the development of the sport of Padel in the region. In addition, SXM PADEL Group consults, designs, and develops Padel and Pickleball courts.

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