Sundial students completed the Baby Think it Over Program. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:— Twenty-one Sundial students completed a shortened version of the Baby Think it Over program. They especially enjoyed the part where they had to take care of the simulation baby dolls and experience the weight of carrying a baby with Pregnancy belly packs. When asked about what they had learnt students said: “never hurry to grow up” and “ I learnt that getting pregnant at a young age is a lot of work”.
This project has been funded by the Government of the Netherlands via the Sint Maarten Trust Fund. The R4CR program is administered by the World Bank, implemented by VNGI, and overseen by the NRPB. Next academic year all second formers at Sundial School will participate in the Baby think it Over program, similar as is already the case at the other SVOBE location, Milton Peters College.

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