Suspects held in Yearwood robbery investigation from New Castle; two home invaders with spinal injuries,

Basseterre:— The four men taken into custody for the armed robbery and shooting of prominent Nevis hotelier, John Yearwood of Oualie Beach are said to be from New Castle, according to reliable reports.

Police in an update did not name the suspects arrested or their addresses as the investigation continues.

“Two of the four persons who were taken into Police custody on Thursday, November 8, are currently receiving treatment at the Alexandra Hospital (in Nevis) for gunshot injuries,” the statement said.

It said the four were taken into custody in relation the armed robbery early Thursday morning that resulted in Yearwood being shot and injured. His wife escaped injury but is said to “totally traumatised.”

Police have confirmed that hotelier was able to shoot both intruders during the robbery.

Police along with members of the St. Kitts-Nevis Defence Force in Nevis, acting on information, intercepted a vehicle on the Sea Bridge ferry that was preparing to leave for St. Kitts.

“The four persons were inside the vehicle and two of them had injuries consistent with gunshot wounds,” the police statement on Friday said.

It added that following a medical examination, the wounds were confirmed to have been gunshot wounds.

Information circulating on social media and believed to be credible names the two injured as Mikey Mills, who received two gunshot wounds, and Patrick Monzac, with a single gunshot wound.

“Mills was shot in his right upper shoulder and the bullet is said to be lodged close to the spinal cord. The second shot caught him in his left buttocks and is lodged close to the lower spine. Monzac was shot in his right lower abdomen and that bullet is lodged close to the spine. The doctors cannot operate because of swelling, perhaps not until next week,” said the information.

In the wee hours of Thursday (November 8, 2018) while the Yearwood’s were asleep in their Jones Estate residence, two armed, masked individuals entered the home.
Yearwood, alerted by a moving light, shot both intruders. He was shot in the leg by one of the intruders.

The assailants escaped the scene with a sum of cash using Yearwood’s motor pick up.

Yearwood was transported to the Alexandra Hospital where he was listed as being in a stable condition.

Police later recovered Yearwood’s vehicle in the Mount Nevis area.

As investigations continue, Police are urging persons with information regarding this incident to call the Charlestown Police Station at 469-5391/5392 or their nearest Police Station.

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Source: St. Martin News Network