SXM Achievers Toastmasters Club Celebrates 17 Years of Excellence. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:— During the celebratory evening, the club paid tribute to its visionary founder, DTM John Hodge. His unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to become confident speakers and leaders laid the foundation for the club’s success, and members expressed their gratitude for his enduring legacy.
Achievements and Milestones
Throughout its existence, the SXM Achievers Toastmasters Club has achieved significant milestones, including the prestigious Triple Crown Distinction and President’s Distinguished Club recognition. The club's commitment to the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) resulted in the esteemed President’s Distinguished Club accolade from Toastmasters International, marking a groundbreaking achievement within the territory. The club has been instrumental in supporting numerous members in various personal pursuits, such as aspiring politicians, beauty pageant contestants, individuals looking to improve their sales strategies, and those seeking to enhance their leadership abilities in the professional sphere.
As the club embarks on its 18th year, it steadfastly upholds its dedication to fostering self-assured communicators and impactful leaders. The SXM Achievers Toastmasters Club extends an invitation to individuals in pursuit of personal and professional development to become part of its dynamic community. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding a collaboration to facilitate more face-to-face gatherings with a local community council in the coming weeks
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