SXM Airport Surveillance Radar Replacement Project on Schedule.

SIMPSON BAY:— The SXM Airport Air Traffic Services facility experienced catastrophic damage to its equipment during hurricane Irma last September. The company has taken on the difficult task of restoring all the equipment and components required for the safe and efficient operation of aircraft within St. Maarten’s airspace.

PJIAE has chosen Thales as the provider of Primary/ Secondary Surveillance Radar and Automation equipment. Thales is one of the most reputable providers of radar and automation systems worldwide and has been delivering on its obligations.

The integration of radar, communication and navigation equipment is a tedious yet essential component of the project. PJIAE is on schedule to complete the Radar portion of the project by August 2018.

The radar project involved among many other logistical aspects, dismantling the dome above the Air Traffic Control tower, removing the existing radar antennas/ motor assembly, replacing the components and rebuilding the dome. There has been an excellent and close coordination between all PJIAE departments and the contractors and hence PJIAE Air Traffic Control expects to be at full capacity prior to the high season of 2018/2019.

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Source: St. Martin News Network