#SXM STRONG Sports and Family Fun Day.

PHILIPSBURG:— After the passing of Hurricane Irma, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth, and Sport deemed it crucial to provide activities for the community to have some semblance of normalcy in their everyday lives and build morale of the population. Additionally, as St. Martin Day is right around the corner, the Ministry is organizing a lineup of events leading up to St. Martin Day 2017.
This weekend, it’s all about Sports and Family! The Department of Sports is hosting a two-day sporting event entitled #SXMSTRONG Knock Out Tournament this Saturday, October 28th and Sunday, October 29th, 2017 from 9 A.M -5 P.M at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex. During the two days, four sports will be played, namely,
• Under 13 Boy’s Football
• Under 16 Boy’s Football
• Open Class Girls Football (Exhibition Games)
• Male Volleyball (Adults)
• Female Volleyball (Adults)
• Male Basketball (16-23)
• Dominoes (All Ages)

Additionally, on Sunday, October 29th, 2017, there will also be a #SXM STRONG Sports and Family Fun Day at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex. All families are invited to come out and have fun as there will be free games for the family to play as well as children’s entertainment such as bouncing castles and face painting available at low costs. Fleming’s Café , the onsite restaurant at Raoul Illidge Sports Complex, will be open on both days selling food and beverages at affordable prices.
The event is also used as an avenue for persons in the party rental industry to have the opportunity to market their products, therefore if you would like to set up bouncing castles and other adult and children friendly activities during this event, please contact Thamara Cannegieter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Ministry of ECYS Press Release

Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/27461-sxm-strong-sports-and-family-fun-day.html