TelEm Group putting Seniors first on their own special day, Tuesday.

Pond Island:—TelEm Group is showing appreciation to their Senior customers by announcing a new “Smartie Sr. Plan” that makes it more affordable for seniors to keep in touch with family and friends at home and overseas.

In celebration of Senior Citizens Day Tuesday, TelEm Group is first of all wishing all seniors on the island a happy and fun-filled day with all the focus is on them and how they are spending their senior years.

“Over the years we have enjoyed keeping in touch with the seniors in our community by assisting them in many different ways and supporting their activities and efforts in gratitude of the contributions they have made in these same communities over the years,” said TelEm Group Manager, Marketing and Sales Mrs. Grisha Heyliger.

She said to make today’s celebration even more special, the company has given Seniors their own line when making payments at any TelEm Group location so that they can receive priority treatment.

And to make this year’s celebration one to remember, TelEm Group’s Marketing & Sales Department has come up with a special plan for seniors that includes the price of a mobile smartphone and a calling package that includes 4 Gigabytes of data, 100 call minutes and 150 SMS messages for the affordable price of $25.

Grisha says under the Smartie Sr.Plan, seniors can choose from any one of two Samsung smartphones, the J2 Pro and the J7 for $60 and $135 respectively. In order to qualify for the special offer seniors will be asked to fill in an application form for the campaign which ends August 31.

Source: St. Martin News Network