TelEm Group technicians cutting over Cay Hill Cabinet Saturday.

Pond Island:—TelEm Group technicians will be carrying out maintenance work on a telecommunication cabinet in the Cay Hill area Saturday affecting a number of roads in that area.

According to TelEm Group’s outside plant technicians, work is scheduled to begin at 8.00 am in the morning and will affect residential and business properties on the Brouwers Road, Ginger Rd, Impala Rd, Tiger Rd, Sarsprilla Rd, Alexis Arnel Rd, Welgelegen Rd and Lane, Gazelle Dr, Clove Dr, Balsam Dr, Cinnamon Rd, Cougar Rd, Blanket, Leopard Rd, Nutmeg Rd and Zebra Rd.

The services affected will be landline and internet services, however the workmen say they have teams in place to ensure the work is completed in one day with the least impact and interruption possible to TelEm Group customers.

TelEm Group Outside Plant (OSP) has meantime apologized to customers in the Cay Hill area for an inconvenience that will be caused by Saturday’s maintenance works.

Source: St. Martin News Network