The “No Kidding” is DEFINITELY not kidding and has taken on the task to learn and educate about Proper Waste Management and Recycling.

PHILIPSBURG:— In efforts to take the steps towards a more sustainable Sint Maarten, the No kidding with Our Kids Foundation (ASA), as of September 3rd 2018, has embarked on an educational journey to learn and help educate about the importance of Proper Waste Management and the 3 R’s (reducing, reusing, recycling).

This all started late last year, a little after the re-opening of schools and the island’s devastating “Irma” experience. The children began to express their emotions about how the “Baby Dump” made them feel. It didn’t take long for, the Managing Director, Mrs. Merlyn Schaminee and her team to realize that this was a topic that needed to be discussed.

With this project, the foundation intends to tackle an issue that is being faced by our country in a way which will encourage not only the youth in their care but also the community at large to become more conscious when it comes to how they dispose of their waste. “Everyone needs to see their role in this problem, let’s take our step,” said Schaminee.

The project is divided into four phases, Discovery: What do they know? Let’s educate them… Connecting: Can they see the link between proper waste Management and Global Warming? Practicing: Practice what you preach! Applying: Once you go green, you take a vow to make sure that your surroundings are always clean!

It is the intention of the foundation to take on this project to the fullest extent, where they will, at one point, start the separation of garbage process within their organization. Being able to be funded by the NRF Dutch Disaster Funds and partner with other organizations such as, WASTE 2 WORK has played a crucial role in the progress of this project. And as this school year continues, they will organize and engage in events and activities that will continue to highlight the importance of the topic.

Currently, the foundation has a drawing competition (youth ages 7-9) and a letter writing contest (youth ages 9-14) where participants who enter have the opportunity to win a prize. The deadline for youth to submit their work is Friday 2nd November, 2018. They will also be hosting a radio program on 98.1 FM every Friday as of November 2nd from 5-6:00 p.m. to keep the public abreast of the project’s happenings but also so that the public is able to hear and benefit from the information which will be discussed during this program.

For any more information the organization encourages the public to like their Facebook page: No kidding with our Kids Foundation.

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Source: St. Martin News Network