The PWR Agency Announces its #BeReady Campaign.

The PWR Agency encourages business owners to be ready during hurricane season 2018.

PHILIPSBURG:— Despite the severity of the damages experienced by St. Maarten due to Hurricane Irma, the island has displayed admirable resilience with more than 500 new businesses registered since the beginning of 2018, according to the Chamber of Commerce. This is a key driver in the recovery process of St. Maarten’s economy. St Maarten’s damages from last year’s hurricane season is estimated at USD $2.3 billion according to local officials. Thus, the importance of being prepared during hurricane season 2018 can never be understated. Residents and entrepreneurs are reminded to be vigilant during this year’s possible average to above average hurricane season according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization.
As St. Maarten’s first business incubator, Produce Wealth Revolution Agency (aka “The PWR Agency”) is focused on strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem of entrepreneurs and small medium enterprises during this year’s season. Therefore, the PWR Agency is launching its #BeReady Campaign.
This campaign is designed to bring awareness and inform the business community of affordable ways to protect their valuable information, to bounce back speedily in the event of any disaster, and to remain resilient. With 89% of St. Maarten’s economy being small medium enterprises (SME’s), it is imperative for St. Maarten’s economic stability and social development that this community have the necessary information and tools to lessen the negative impact of hurricanes this season.
One of the key ways to be ready, that the PWR Agency encourages, is to ensure that critical documents are safeguarded both physically and digitally. Global statistics indicate that the average cost to replace documents is between $141 and $217 per document. This can be avoided by ensuring that documents are saved in a ‘cloud’ format for example.

During the #beready campaign, the PWR Agency will utilize both traditional and digital media to regular provide strategies and practical tips that can support the business community with its preparedness and to reduce their risks. To learn more about The PWR Agency or join the #beready campaign, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Source: St. Martin News Network