The Sr. Regina Primary School held its 11th annual bike-a-thon.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Sr. Regina Primary School held its 11th annual bike-a-thon last Saturday which for the last decade has been the school’s customary way of celebrating its anniversary. It was a good day to be riding the bike with good weather, a great atmosphere and good police guidance so everyone could enjoy while being safe. As soon as the horn sounded to indicate the start of the bike-a-thon, everyone was ready to go and went on their way. A big group of bikers left to Cupecoy and back with the police keeping the group together and Red Cross members staying on standby in case they were needed. The group of younger kids went from the school to the bridge and back with lots of volunteers making sure that everyone stayed on the right track. The organizers were very impressed to see some people walking the big route and there were even some people jogging next to the bikers and keeping up with them too! For those that wanted a calmer beginning of the morning, there was yoga held by NIA. The groups came back to the school full of smiles, some happy they had such a good time, some happy they made it back! Once back at school a nice Caribbean breakfast was ready to be served with salt fish, Johnny cakes and bush tea with many people staying to enjoy some socializing or some Zumba dancing.

As always, the Sr. Regina Primary School was able to count on generous donations in support of our annual Bike- and Walk –a –Thon. Thank you to The Artbox, Café Atlantico, the Amsterdam Cheese Store, Charlie’s Bistro, Country Club Port de Plaisance, D-Boat, Daily Supermarket, Heavenly Water, Electec, Gibson & Associates, Island Real Estate, Massages by Diana Charry, Masterfixers, NIA, Nissan Saint Martin Cars, Notary Boekhoudt, Nowhere Special, PDG, Prime, Real Foods, Sale & Pepe, Studiomart Architects, Stomp Attorneys, Tri Sports and Windward Roads. A big thank you also, to the PTA, the teachers and all the volunteers and parents who came out to help.

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Source: St. Martin News Network