UD Leader Theodore Heyliger to spend next eight days in pretrial detention.

~ Judge to give the decision on whether the prosecution can take place on Monday. ~

PHILIPSBURG:— The judge at the Court of First Instance granted the prosecution their request to hold Leader of the United Democrats (UD) Theodore Heyliger for the next 8 days in pretrial detention.
The Prosecutor’s Office also petitions the court on Thursday afternoon to grant them permission to prosecute Heyliger in the LARIMAR Investigation.
Spokesman for the TBO Roderick Gouverneur confirmed the request for extension was granted while he said the Judge will render its verdict on whether or not the Prosecution will be allowed to prosecute Heyliger.
LARIMAR Corruption Investigation can be considered one of the biggest corruption cases that involves politicians, civil servants and persons in the private sector such as construction companies.
Heyliger was due to appear in court at 2pm on Thursday afternoon his appearance was delayed while members of his immediate family and few supporters waited for him outside of the Court House.

Heyliger was arrested on Tuesday morning after several persons including his stepfather George Pelgrim was arrested two weeks ago. TBO officers also arrested Ron Elferink both men spent eight days 10 days on pretrial detention they were released when they petitioned the court to release them due to medical conditions.
Prior to the recent arrests, the Managing Director of Windward Road Jan Hendrick Boekaar was also arrested while his home and office were searched.
Windward Roads managed to secure a deal with the TBO and Prosecutor’s Office where they will pay a fine of USD2M. However, the money will be deducted from new projects that the Department of VROMI has to provide for the Dutch company.

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Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/31300-ud-leader-theodore-heyliger-to-spend-next-eight-days-in-pretrial-detention.html