United People’s Party Supports MP Kevin Maingrette: A Staunch Advocate for St. Maarten’s Stability and Integrity. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:—- The United People's Party (UPP) issued a press release Monday evening in which it indicated that the party stands in full support of Member of Parliament the Honourable Kevin Maingrette, who has recently withdrawn his support from the URSM/DP/PFP/NOW coalition. The UP Party sees this decision as being driven by MP Maingrette's unwavering commitment to the nation's best interests. "MP Maingrette's decision highlights his dedication to fostering a stable and effective government for St. Maarten," the release stated.
According to the release, MP Maingrette's choice to realign his political support was not made lightly. "Confronted with the coalition's persistent instability and ineffective leadership, he acted in the best interest of St. Maarten. While the rift between coalition partners was often heated and filled with name-calling and threats, the public speculation on the instability was overwhelming." The coalition, marred by delays and internal conflicts, has failed to provide the governance needed to propel the nation forward. This was after the country was finally able to experience four stable years of governance and begin to clean up ten years of disaster left by more than seven fallen governments.
Recent allegations from the URSM suggesting that MP Maingrette may have been coerced or influenced by wealthy business individuals are unfounded and defamatory. MP Maingrette has consistently demonstrated transparency, openly sharing the pressures and offers he received with the coalition. His candidness underscores his commitment to integrity and his refusal to be swayed by personal gain.
MP Maingrette's decision was driven by genuine concern for the nation's welfare and the need for a stable, effective government, and it was clear the writing was on the wall for the 2×4 coalition.
Despite the NOW Party distancing itself from MP Maingrette's decision, Maingrette maintains that the current coalition's failure to appoint key ministers, including the NOW Party leader, and its ineffective leadership, particularly under Dr Mercelina, have been significant obstacles. Despite public criticisms and evidence of mismanagement, coalition partners, including the URSM and NOW Party, remained silent. They did not address internal issues or Dr Mercelina's autocratic leadership style, which has delayed essential governance processes.
"MP Maingrette has shown remarkable courage in confronting these challenges. His actions reflect a deep sense of responsibility and a commitment to breaking the cycle of ineffective governance."
Leader of the UP Party and Member of Parliament, the Honorable Omar Ottley, said, "The UPP believes that MP Maingrette's realignment with the United People's Party and the National Alliance is a decisive step towards ensuring a stable and transparent government. His resolve to foster cooperation and prioritize the nation's interests over personal or partisan agendas is commendable. The alignment with MP Maingrette aims to restore faith in our political system and address the critical issues facing St. Maarten by aligning with a new coalition."
The release quoted MP Maingrette stating, "My actions underscore my dedication to the people of St. Maarten. At a time when unified and transparent leadership is crucial, I have chosen to act decisively and with integrity."
The United People's Party calls on all citizens and political leaders to support MP Maingrette, the UP Party, and the National Alliance in building St. Maarten's stable and prosperous future. Our courage and commitment to our nation's welfare are unwavering, and we will live up to our collective responsibility.

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