United Telecommunications Services N.V. kicks off major Brand revitalization.


PHILIPSBURG:— United Telecommunications Services N.V announces the start of a major brand revitalization focused on aligning customer experience with new technologies and improved business practices of the company. The company affirms its belief that creating a meaningful connection with the customer is essential in ensuring continued successful operations. The company has been providing telecommunication services on St. Maarten, Saint Martin, Saint Barths, Saba and St. Eustatius Curacao and Bonaire for many years and has evolved by integrating new technologies and business practices along the way, moving it far beyond what the company once was. Based on this evolution, the company initiated a brand revitalization project to ensure that the company fosters and further develops its relationship with the most important person: the customer.

The brand revitalization introduces a new brand identity that includes a new logo and icon. These will be used across all territories that UTS is operational in to maintain clear and uniform communication across all territories. The new UTS logo is comprised of the same three letters, U, T and S, used in a lower-case style to denote straightforward, bold simplicity. The logo will be used in combination with a new, very unique icon, intended as a symbol of connectivity, transformation, achievement, and hope.

The brand revitalization effort is more than simply introducing a new logo and tagline. It’s about initiatives to improve customer experience at all moments that a consumer interacts with UTS. Examples of this are an entirely new phone system to greatly improve the accessibility of customer support to the customer, increased speeds in broadband packages, continued expansions in mobile and fiber infrastructure. Additionally, the company continues to work on identifying operational efficiencies and the bolstering of the essential skills UTS staffers need to provide exceptional customer service.

UTS also unveils “Feel the Connection”. A new brand tagline, marking the company’s clear focus on the customer’s experience when connected by the reliable networks of UTS.

“UTS customers are central in everything we say and do are as diverse as the communities that we serve. The one thing our customers all have in common is that they are all people who work towards a better quality of life for themselves and their communities.” said Glen A. Carty, CEO of UTS Eastern Caribbean ” To get things done, they count on reliable and powerful connectivity to connect with others anywhere and anytime. We aim to provide the affordable solutions needed to give them access to information and tools that make them smarter, faster and more efficient. Important in that process is customer service that is respectful of their time and effective in resolving any issues.”

“Feel the Connection”

The Over the past year, UTS has conducted extensive market research to develop the new approach to directly address the aspirations, needs, and expectations of its customers. The research results indicate that although UTS is a highly recognized telecom brand on the island territories where it operates, the general public would like to know more about what the organization is all about. By helping customers to know more about what UTS stands for in business and in our communities, UTS aims to make a connection with consumers beyond just the product description and price. UTS intends to (re)introduce itself by means of an advertising campaign that commences today, May 17th on telecommunications day. The campaign will involve a cross-section of print, video, social and other digital media, with a consistent look, feel and message that can be felt through every customer experience. Customers will also experience the new brand reflected in UTS stores on all of the territories where it operates. The transformation of the UTS stores will be completed by the end of 2017. The introduction of the new brand identity will be accompanied as well by various offers and promotional activities to emphasize the meaning behind ‘Feel the Connection’.

Source: St. Martin News Network
United Telecommunications Services N.V. kicks off major Brand revitalization.