UPP Party Unveils Dynamic Slate of Candidates for the August 2024 Parliamentary Snap Elections. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:— In a stunning display of strength and unity, the United People's (UP) Party unveiled its eighteen dynamic, professional, and experienced candidates for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections set for August 19, 2024. The event at the Aleeze Convention Center in Madame Estate drew over 500 attendees, creating a buzz across social media and igniting excitement among well-wishers and supporters.
The Candidate Reveal was orchestrated by the New Leader of the New United People's Party, Member of Parliament Omar E.C. Ottley. The night was filled with surprises and joy, demonstrating the party's robust strategy and commitment to representing the people of St. Maarten.
One of the evening's most notable moments was former MP Rolando Brison's return as the number five candidate on the list. Brison expressed his gratitude to Leader Omar Ottley and emphasized his readiness to work diligently to ensure proper representation in Parliament. His return was met with enthusiastic applause, signaling a strong endorsement from the UP Party's base.
However, the excitement peaked with the announcement of Addison Boston as the number eight candidate. Boston, a Civil Aviation Trainer and community-spirited family man from the Dutch Quarter, has long advocated for his community. His candidacy was met with high praise, as supporters celebrated the prospect of having a dedicated representative who will actively engage with the issues affecting the Dutch Quarter, Middle Region, Belvedere, Sucker Garden, and the rest of the island.
Another remarkable revelation was the endorsement of Richard Gibson Senior, a founding member of the National Alliance and former Minister of Finance. Gibson Senior has pledged his commitment to follow MP Ottley as the new leader of the United People's Party. In his acceptance speech, he lauded Ottley's leadership, decision-making skills, and work ethic, predicting Ottley would become the next Prime Minister of St. Maarten. The Convention Center erupted in agreement, with many attendees standing and clapping in support.
A significant surprise of the evening was the introduction of Nikhil Kukreja as the new number seven candidate. After Sidharth “Cookie” Bijlani, a long-serving member, stepped down for health reasons, Kukreja's candidacy was unveiled via video, showcasing his readiness to represent the UP Party. MP Ottley expressed his initial concerns about filling Bijlani's spot but was reassured by the overwhelming support from prominent community members. Kukreja's inclusion marks a historic moment for the Indian Diaspora, demonstrating the UP Party's commitment to diverse representation.
The unveiling also featured Teddy Charley, a respected police officer with a strong St. Lucian background, as the number eleven candidate. Charley's followers were thrilled by his decision to join the UP Party, highlighting his dedication to improving the lives of the less fortunate.
MP Akeem Arrindell took the stage at number three, showcasing the brilliance behind his political success. Arrindell praised MP Ottley's mentorship and emphasized his commitment to advocating for fairness and equality. His recent initiative to establish a Free Clinic for Legal Services underscores his dedication to justice and community welfare.
MP Francisco Lacroes was announced as the Deputy Leader of the UP Party, bringing his strong advocacy for unification and energy efficiency to the forefront. His theme, "He gets it Done," reflects his relentless pursuit of solutions for St. Maarten's energy needs.
Junini Chatelier, the number six candidate, received accolades for her dedication to improving living conditions for the physically challenged. Her personal experiences as a single mother with an autistic child fuel her passion for advocacy and service.
The list continued with Bria Sorton, Shirley Hilaire, Cresburk Browne, Kevin Bryan, Martin Wilson, Natasha Manuela Gumbs, and Wendell Thode, each bringing their unique strengths and dedication to the team. Notably, Chanel Brownbill, the number eighteen candidate, was credited for ensuring the previous government's stability, demonstrating the importance of steadfast leadership.
The evening culminated with the introduction of MP Omar Ottley, the highest vote-getter in the last election, as the final candidate. Ottley's journey from the number three to the number one candidate underscores his unwavering drive and leadership. Known as the "Minister of Everything," his work ethic and commitment to improving the lives of St. Maarten's citizens have earned him widespread admiration.
Addressing the audience with passion, Ottley thanked attendees for their overwhelming support and promised to lead the UP Party to victory. He highlighted the dedication and professionalism of his team, expressing pride in their collective commitment to service.
The Candidate Reveal for the United People's Party was a resounding success, heralding a new era of leadership under the slogan "The New Way Up." With a slate of highly capable and dedicated candidates, the UP Party is poised to make significant strides in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections, driven by MP Omar Ottley's vision and leadership.

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