Urgent Call for Action by our leaders: Addressing the Injustice and Understaffing at the Airport. | SMN NEWS

PHILIPSBURG:—  In the early morning hours of May 25th, a serious concern was brought to light at the airport, highlighting severe understaffing and unfair labor conditions faced by our dedicated border control employees. The board of the N.A.P.B, we are compelled to bring this issue to public attention and demand immediate action from the authorities and the Minister of Justice.

Our employees are overworked and understaffed, often forced to work extended hours to contribute to the security and functionality of the Island. Many of our dedicated workers have fallen ill due to the excessive demands placed upon them, rendering them unable to fulfill their duties and further exacerbating the staffing crisis.
The board of the N.A.P.B., we are calling on the Minister of Justice to take immediate and decisive action:

Initiate New Hiring Classes: Begin admitting new candidates to alleviate the staffing shortage and ensure that our border control is adequately staffed to handle the demands placed upon them.
Ensure Fair Compensation: Guarantee that all employees are paid fairly and promptly for their overtime and regular hours, reflecting the critical nature of their work.

Improve Working Conditions: Implement measures to ensure that all employees are working in safe and supportive environments, preventing overwork and the resulting health issues.
The safety and security at our ports are paramount, and it is essential that those who work to protect them being treated with the respect and fairness they deserve. We stand united in demanding that the Minister of Justice addresses these issues urgently and effectively.

The board of the Union (N.A.P.B), stand firmly behind our employees and will continue to advocate for their rights and well-being. It is time for the promises made to be fulfilled and for justice to be served within our own ranks. N.A.P.B. also acknowledge the presence of the Minister of Justice, at the airport, whereas he could of witness in person the situation(s) mention in this article. The board of the N.A.P.B. is also pleased to mention that the board has been approached by the Honorable Minister of Justice and the Honorable Minister of Finance in order to discuss the issues at hand, moving forward. This meeting will be on Monday 27th, May 2024.

Sometimes we get the thoughts, that nobody loves us (front liners) or loves what we do. We get the thoughts that nobody cares and probably they do not. However, we should care. We should care about our health and our wellbeing and the way we appear to ourselves.

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