USM Welcome students of the Gwendoline van Puttenschool in St. Eustatius.


statiastudents29062017Pond Island:— USM, the University of St Martin welcomed 12 students of the Gwendoline Van Patten school which is located in St.Eustatius. The students were accompanied by 2 teachers and parents who acted as chaperones. The team at USM had a fun-filled day prepared for the students whereby, they got some mind challenging games, team building activities and information on the programs that cater to their specific needs or career goals.

The Pre- Exam students showed great enthusiasm when they had a chance to network with some students, as well as alumna from USM. Marketing and Admissions Specialist, Shobhan Giterson mentioned; it is imperative that we build these relationships with the students and bring about awareness of the benefits the USM has for these students’ future. I have seen many students excitingly leaving their parents homes to go abroad to study and are far off from being prepared. Many may result in a constant switching of studies (especially within the first 2 years) while others return home without degrees. Here at USM, we aim to prepare our students to venture out into the world and represent not only our brand as alumnus but also our country, naming the recent commencement ceremony keynote speaker; Ms. Rolinda Carter as a prime example.

Ms. Selma Augustin, teacher at Gwendoline Van Patten school mentioned that based on the hospitality and warm service the group received the moment she stepped on campus; from the Facilities Coordinator, Mr. Fraser, to the Dean of Academics, she knew that her students would be greatly looked after. It feels like a family and that’s comforting for parents away (living on Statia) to know, she said. One of the students agreed and said, I look forward to joining the University of St. Martin, as I already feel welcomed by the staff and the students.


The team at USM encourages interested persons to apply for the Fall semester before July 9th, 2017. Applications can be submitted online via For more information visit the website or the campus today!

Source: St. Martin News Network
USM Welcome students of the Gwendoline van Puttenschool in St. Eustatius.