UTS doubles up on 4G LTE again

~ Download speeds go up to 20MB per second ~

PHILIPSBURG:— UTS has taken the bold move to further increase the speed offered to customers using its 4G LTE mobile internet service. The company had already doubled the amount of data offered as part of its prepaid data bundles in April of this year. Now the company is further enhancing the customer experience by increasing the speeds that can be reached while using the premium 4G LTE service. Customers can now expect more data and more speed for the same price.

UTS is the only mobile operator offering 4G LTE mobile service on St. Maarten. Offered under the Chippie brand-name the 4G LTE service offers speeds exceeding any competitive offer by far. “While our reliability, our speeds and the amount of data offered far outweigh other offerings in the market, the differences in price are negligible.” Says UTS Marketing & Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert. “The decision is really quite simple for the customer. Why not pay the same but get far more bang for your buck?

Our prepaid bundled services were already very attractive but since our network is capable, we decided to further boost the service by accommodating higher download speeds. This is all part of our philosophy that we want to bring our customers the best mobile experience. Our slogan is ‘feel the connection’ and we want to make that experience as easy and worry-free as possible for our customer.”

Easy switch to fastest speeds
For those not already experiencing Chippie 4G LTE, transitioning to 4G LTE service is easy. Postpaid customers and customers already using Chippie prepaid data bundles don’t need to do anything. They will automatically benefit from the increase in speed. Existing Chippie customers not yet using the data bundles can contact us to find out if they need to come in to upgrade their SIM card or not. In many cases this is not even necessary. “Of course a fast network will work best when combined with a fast phone.

We currently have a great offer, combining a 4G LTE handset with a data bundle of internet, minutes and SMS for only $75. A price that attractive is even more reason to make sure you are using Chippie 4G LTE”. Lambert comments. The offer is currently available at the UTS stores in Philipsburg, Cole Bay and Marigot. “Aside from our ongoing upgrade offer, of course our customers can count on us to continue bringing them higher speeds, more data and bundled services to keep them connected to the most reliable mobile network of St. Maarten.”

For more information on the enhancements to Chippie’s 4G LTE service and the special upgrade offers, the UTS Customer Service Center can be contacted by phone at 1(721) 5881010, by email at infosxm@uts.sx and by Facebook message at UTS EC. A personal visit to any of the UTS stores is of course also possible.

Source: St. Martin News Network
UTS doubles up on 4G LTE again.