UTS to discontinue slower mobile internet.

utschippie20062017Improved network performance & security.

PHILIPSBURG:—UTS announces the upcoming move towards a full 3G & 4G LTE network, which will offer enhanced performance but also heightened security for all of its Chippie customers. This means a change for those customers currently using the company’s more outdated NET ON mobile internet service, which will be phased out. While most customers already have a phone compatible with the 3G & 4G LTE technologies, some may need to upgrade their SIM cards to work with the newer technologies.

Phase out of NET ON 5555
The company will be phasing out the slower version of mobile internet service on November 18th of this year. “NET ON internet service was one of the first mobile internet services that we provided and although we understand those customers using it may be comfortable with the service, there is so much they are missing out on by not upgrading.” Says UTS Marketing & Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert. “NET ON service was really best suited on the GPRS and later EDGE technology. With the much more advanced network that we have now, the package doesn’t support many of the enhanced security features and speeds. The slower speed of browsing really isn’t appropriate for the modern phones and applications used by most mobile users. These phones and applications are designed to work optimally on speeds exceeding what NET ON service offers. As a result you may experience frequent buffering, slow loading of information and delays in receiving and sending messages. Upgrading to the 3G & 4G network speeds will address these issues, offering a much smoother, enhanced mobile experience.” Lambert continues

Change to faster bundle packages
Chippie data bundles, available since 2016, replace NET ON service for mobile internet service. Many Chippie customers already use the company’s 3G and 4G LTE based network and do so using Chippie’s data bundles. The bundles are available for both prepaid and postpaid customers and combine fast mobile internet with free minutes and SMS. The bundles were very well received at introduction and recently the company took the bold move to offer even more data in the various bundles. UTS encourages those customers still utilizing NET ON to come in and upgrade to the more enhanced service. “No need to wait until November. A quick visit to our stores will allow us to assess if a change in SIM card is needed and you can also have a look at our very attractive upgrade offers” says Lambert.

Special upgrade offers
“We developed a variety of promotional offers during 2016 that made the switch to faster internet service very attractive” Lambert continues “We currently have a great offer, combining a 4G LTE handset with a data bundle of internet, minutes and SMS for only $75. With a price that attractive there’s no reason to hesitate on making the switch”. The offer is currently available at the UTS stores in Philipsburg, Cole Bay and Marigot. “Aside from our ongoing upgrade offer, of course our customers can count on us to continue bringing them higher speeds, more data and bundled services to keep them connected.”

For more information on the NET ON phase-out and the upgrade offers, the UTS Customer Service Center can be contacted by phone at 1(721) 5881010, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Source: St. Martin News Network
UTS to discontinue slower mobile internet.