Very busy weekend for the Police Force.

p>The Police Force was very busy the last weekend attending numerous requests for police assistance, conducting traffic controls and investigating an armed robbery to name a few.

Armed robbery.
PHILIPSBURG:— On Friday, December 8th at approximately 03.15 p.m. a police patrol was sent to Union Caribe located on the Cannegieter Street in Philipsburg where an armed robbery, according to reports, had just taken place. On the scene, the investigating officers learned, that a man had entered the building on business and once inside he pulled a firearm and threatened the workers to use it if no cooperation was given. After robbing the establishment of an undisclosed amount of cash the suspect walked outside of the building, stepped into an awaiting car and left the scene. Shortly after a vehicle resembling the escape vehicle was located in the Philipsburg area. This vehicle was confiscated for further investigation. The Special Unit Robbery is asking anyone who has information in connection with this investigation to get in contact with the Police Department by calling 54-22222 ext 213/214, 911 or the anonymous tip-line #9300.

Traffic controls.
PHILIPSBURG:— During the weekend police held various traffic controls at different locations on the island. A total of 80 vehicles were controlled, 29 of which tint had to be removed from the windows, 3 of these vehicles were confiscated in connection with criminal investigations, 11 fines were issued in connection with the traffic laws and 5 persons were taken into custody.

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Man seriously ill-treated
COLE BAY:— Detectives are presently investigating the ill-treatment of a man with initials P.S.A. which took place on Sunday, December 10th in the parking lot of Tropicana Casino. According to the victim, he was ill-treated by an unknown young man who was still on the scene with a metal pipe.
The ill-treatment took place during an argument between parties about parking. The victim was struck in his face with a pipe which caused an open wound to the left side of his face.
The suspect identified with initials S.L.G. admitted to having struck the victim with the pipe and he was arrested on the scene. He was taken to the Police Headquarters in Philipsburg where he remains in custody. The pipe used in this case was confiscated for further investigation.

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