Vote of No Confidence against Minister’s TEATT and PM tied.

PHILIPSBURG:— An arrogant Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin and a scared Minister of TEATT Stuart Johnson escaped the motions of no confidence tabled against them. The motions which were tabled over two weeks ago were finally voted upon on Friday when the discussion on the decision taken by the Council of Ministers to go along with the World Bank and the European Investment Bank to obtain financing for the Princess Juliana International Airport ended
14 Members of Parliament attended the meeting of Parliament, seven from the Opposition benches voted in favor of the motions they tabled while the other seven Members of Parliament supporting the coalition against thus creating a tie vote.
Chairlady of Parliament Sarah Wescot Williams announced that since the votes were tied and there was no majority the motions presented against Minister Johnson and the Prime Minister were rejected. Wescot- Williams further explained that the rules of order do not make any provisions for second voting when votes are tied.
In her presentation, Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin insulted the Members of Parliament that tabled the motions by referring to them as “the opposition” Romeo Marlin even went as far as saying that the opposition members do not take the time to read the information she provided to Parliament and thus calling it a shame. Romeo Marlin also thanked the WICSU/PSU and the SHTA for the sentiments they echoed on Thursday about the motions of no confidence.
Members of Parliament Jurendy Doran shared his disappointment when the CEO of PJIAE Brian Mingo told Parliament that PJIAE needs a person with CFO capabilities to crunch numbers and someone to work along with the Human Resource Department of PJIAE.

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Source: St. Martin News Network