VROMI Inspectors trying to issue stop order for Great Bay Basket Ball Court.

~ Former Minister of VROMI intervenes says two Ministers from Interim COM wants to give Government lease land to Spadaro ~

PHILIPSBURG: — Inspectors from the department of VROMI showed up at the Great Bay Basket Ball Court that is currently under construction to issue a stop order. On the scene was former Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel who spoke to the inspectors. Emmanuel told the inspectors that all the necessary permits were signed off by him for the construction of the basketball court and that they should go back to their colleagues and ask for those documents. Emmanuel further informed the three inspectors that their colleagues sent them to the site to embarrass them because all the permits are in place for the construction of the basketball court.
Emmanuel told SMN News that the parcel of land where the construction is taking place had court years ago. He said the land is government leased land that was being used by Spadaro, the former owner of Sonesta Great Bay. He said Spadaro used the land for over 40 years and not once he paid taxes. Emmanuel said Spadaro never obtained the land from government even though he was using the property. He said when he took office he took the parcel of land back and ensured everything was in place for the basketball court which the youths of Fort Willem will use for sports.
He said while in office Spadaro consulted with him and told him he sold the land as part of the property to Sunwing. Emmanuel said he informed the businessman that he could not sell what is not his, and also informed him that even though he used the property for years he never paid a dime in taxes. Emmanuel said he informed the businessman that he or the new owners of Sonesta Great Bay could continue using the parking lot which is next to the basketball court.
Emmanuel said that Ministers Emil Lee and Michael Ferrier is behind the piece of land because they allegedly want to give it to their friend Sara Spadaro.
A resident of Fort Willem told SMN News that the owners of Sonesta Great Bay barred locals from using the Great Bay beach and that the location where the basketball court is constructed had a court for basketball and volleyball. The local resident said that the owners of Sonesta should begin paying a fee to use the parking lot.

Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/28192-vromi-inspectors-trying-to-issue-stop-order-for-great-bay-basket-ball-court.html