VVD Senator Anne-Wil Duthler Ousted : 900.000 Euro Seized. | SMN News

Should SXM Parliament Vote on VVD -1st Chamber Confidence?

Important is to know what the task of the ‘ Eerste Kamer’ (First Chamber).
The first chamber is usually seen as the institute who oversees and approves plans of Ministers and second chamber MPs such as draft laws which can impact any country within the Kingdom. With other words parties of the Netherlands, First Chamber is vital for St.Maartens future.

VVD 1ste kamer-Senator Wrongdoings : Confict Interest- Fraud (oplichting)
Supplier imposes seizure on company VVD-Senator Anne-Wil Duthler. Several months back, more than €900,000 seizure was made on bank accounts

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