When will the Dutch clean up their own backyard?

Netherlands/ PHILIPSBURG:— St. Maarten has been making the news as the most corrupt country within the Kingdom due to a number of politicians and civil servants that were arrested, however, the community of St. Maarten hardly hears about the widespread corruption in the Netherlands.
In 2013 E. J Bron wrote an article which was backed up with facts on how corruption is rampant in the Netherlands. The title of that article “The scary corruption of politicians in the Netherlands”.
E.J Bron said that in Dutch politics, there is a tendency to downplay the existence of corruption and fraud. That apparently naive response could sometimes be fed by the fact that a heavy taboo rests on the subject. So far, the government has failed to take measures to counter possible corruption, fraud, and corruption of power.
While the Dutch has labeled St. Maarten as a country with a corrupted system they failed to clean up their own backyards with a number of corrupt politicians that have committed fraud.
The article continues to state that as a result of the robbery committed by PvdA city councilor Bert van der Roest in Utrecht, of the Daklozenkrant, he found out that Bert van der Roest will most likely not be prosecuted! This is the most reprehensible theft because this concerns the financially most vulnerable! As always, corruption within the government is covered with the cloak of love. This kind of dirty cover up games has made the people sick to death.
E.J Bron did some research on Google and found several articles of criminal acts that involve governors, civil servants, and politicians in the Netherlands, he again stated that the amount is scary.
The tip of the iceberg!
The Netherlands is described as a country of fraud? After all reports about affairs and scandals around governors has made the description of the Netherlands correct. E.J Bron in is research showed that “Researchers at the Free University of Amsterdam collected data on corruption and fraud investigations at municipalities. The results of the research show a remarkable picture and show that figures alone are not enough to draw conclusions.”
Unique even for Banana fraud The Netherlands: The whole of College Vlissingen corrupted.
“None of the 10,000” bankers “or” drivers “in the bin.
The group of chairmen in the city council of Vlissingen met about the declaration of fraud by their municipal administrators. In short: the whole College is corrupted and that was even a shame for his editors. But not for Boublog, which has just posted an article about the accounting fraud in almost all municipalities in Banana-Fraud-The Netherlands. One of the things E.J Bron did was to include links that highlighted the fraud committed in the Netherlands
Civil servant Amsterdam committed fraud
The civil servant would, among other things, make contractors paid by the district for private purposes. The employee has been reported for official bribery. The links with the companies involved have been broken. Five other officials, who were also accused of fraud, were released by the Office Integrity. They are now working again.
As the article continues it shows that a civil servant Leerdam was arrested for fraud and corruption.
The official is suspected of having hired outside companies at the expense of the municipality to hire private lessons. He would also have ordered goods for years at the expense of the municipality.
Civil servant prosecuted for fraud construction project Sneek
An official of the municipality of Southwest-Friesland is prosecuted for falsity in writing. He falsified a contract around an expansion plan in Sneek. About five percent of governors in the elderly, disabled care and long-term mental health care deliberately commit fraud.
One in twenty-one-care managers- commit fraud.At the end of 2008, the Education Inspectorate established that at fifteen school boards (together 43 schools) for at least 4.6 million euros between 2004 and 2008 were eclipsed or “unlawfully spent”, but so far none of the culprits were prosecuted.

Utrecht investigates fraud of governors and civil servants
The municipality received signals of fraud with a tendering procedure for work on four buildings in the city. What wrongs and to what amount could not be said by a spokesman for the municipality. Another case that was swept away as long as the investigation continues. This particular wrongdoing came to light when a contractor brought the crimes to light. All of the statements made in E. J Bron article was supported either by links or by statements made by the spokesperson of the municipalities.
Fraud and theft are the most common thing for politicians! ‘The Netherlands is Stiff of Fraud’
The fraud problem in the Netherlands is getting worse and the chance of getting arrested is low because police and justice have no plan of action.
E.J Bron concluded that they are governed and manipulated by a set of criminals (thieves and robbers) of the worst kind! And now it is probably again said that not everyone is corrupt, but tolerating fraud as a rule and the “Cover-Up” of this by the Dutch government, making all governors an accomplice! In addition, the cost of the deceived state institutions is transferred to the people and pushed through down their throats as budget costs.
In light of all that has been said about St. Maarten, the insistence for an integrity chamber, the amount of arrests made on St. Maarten by Dutch detectives it is only fair that this information surface locally, while crime should not be supported at the expense of the people, one has to take the plank out of their own eyes before trying to take the dust out of eyes of others.

Source: St. Martin News Network
When will the Dutch clean up their own backyard?