Control Unit carries out controls on transportation and economic activity | THE DAILY HERALD

A vehicle engaged in public transportation without correct licence plates.

~ NAf. 6,650 in fines given out ~

PHILIPSBURG–The Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (TEATT) Control Unit executed several controls over the past week on public transportation and economic activity, where they made use of the “fine book” which was prepared in collaboration with the Prosecutor’s Office.

A total of NAf. 6,650 in fines were issued last week, including fines issued to four persons found illegally “vending” on Mullet Bay Beach and around Sunset Beach Bar. The fines were issued for braiding hair, selling tourist articles and massaging a tourist without the correct permits.

Other violations for which fines were issued include transporting persons over the public road without a permit; operating a motor vehicle engaged in passenger transport without a licence plate issued under the Passenger Transport Ordinance; operating a motor vehicle without having a valid inspection certificate; a driver not in possession of insurance or unable to show proof of insurance on request; and lastly, annoyingly praising, calling, or acting in any other distasteful way to attract others’ attention or solicit in the search of a fare.

TEATT’s Inspectorate reminds the public that engaging in economic activity – whether it be public street trade such as vending, operating a business or transporting persons over the public road – requires a permit from the TEATT Minister.

The Inspectorate strongly advises the general public to first seek out information at the Economic Licences Department, located in the government building, before engaging in unlicensed economic activity.

All permit holders are reminded to be familiar with and to abide by the conditions of their permit, because failure to do so is punishable under the applicable ordinances.

The Control Unit announced on Wednesday that its controllers will continue to execute enforcement of the applicable ordinances with zero tolerance. The Ministry’s objective is to ensure a level playing field for law-abiding permit holders as well as to discourage illegal activity in all sectors of the economy.

Source: The Daily Herald