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PHILIPSBURG–“The face of government” – frontline civil servants – recently received certificates on completion of a customer-service training programme organised via the Public Service Centre Department and executed by consulting firm Experientia.

  The training was themed “FACE with Integrity” with “FACE” standing for “First impression, Attitude, Courtesy and Emotional Bonding.”

  Government’s focus is on enhancing and improving its frontline services to the public, according to a press statement. This has led to the training for civil servants of the Public Service Centres, Facilities Services, Civil Registry and Economic Licences Departments.


  The initial training was followed by intermittent sessions spanning several weeks as a method for trainees to view their roles in customer service from different perspectives. The training was tailor-made, with participants taught via first-hand experience, self-reflection, and the buddy system how to deal with the dynamics are presented in the field.

  Prime Minister/General Affairs Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin told civil servants at the certificate ceremony: “You are the face of government and one bad experience stigmatises the entire organisation. ‘FACE with Integrity’ as the name of this training was an excellent choice.”

  She said that, judging from reports received, the training “was well received” and participants enjoyed the entire experience. “I look forward to experiencing your great service in the near future and I encourage you to go the extra mile for the client,” she said.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. Not a moment too soon. Why didnt anyone think of this before these people were hired? Or maybe as part of the job training the first couple weeks? Lets hope its a positive step forward.