K1 Britannia distributes drinking water to public

PHILIPSBURG–K1 Britannia Foundation volunteers distributed hundreds of bottles of water to the public on Thursday. The group had trucks full of water and were escorted by the Marines going from district to district.

K1 Britannia Foundation focuses extensively on a variety of maritime and other charitable projects in St Maarten, with a major focus on the social issues faced by troubled youth on the island and the surrounding areas. Since the passing of Hurricane Irma, volunteers started to gather and help persons in the community in need.

The Foundation continues to get relief supplies docked at Port St. Maarten and give out the water to the public. “If you have a bottle, you can come fill it or you can get two prepared bottles already,” stated one foundation member.

Foundation members call on radio prior to going to another district. They ask the public to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/69365-k1-britannia-distributes-drinking-water-to-public