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PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – Some 3 weeks ago, the Detective Department received an official complaint from a family located in St. Peters, when the driver of a grey Kia Picanto threatened two boys with a gun at a home in St. Peters.

The victims filed an official complaint and the detectives started an investigation because it takes some time to locate the suspects on the island. However, the harassment continued against the two victims.

The suspected driver of the Picanto had followed the victims on numerous occasions, and one day he and one of his friends stopped the victim’s car and tried to open the car door. However, the boy’s parents were also in the car. One of the perpetrators broke the car window and instructed the driver of the Picanto to shoot the boy, with his parents in the car.

The victims and their parents went again to the police station to file another complaint. Police managed to arrest the suspect that broke the car window on Sunday. However, he was released from police custody and was never ordered to pay the damages before he was set free.

On Tuesday afternoon, June 11, a patrol spotted the gray Kia Picanto in the area of Link One, and a chase ensued. The driver with his friends, refused to heed the police order to stop and continued driving recklessly. Information reaching 721 newsroom report that they hit a family car and continued driving. They headed towards A.Th Illidge Road, overtaking cars, endangering traffic coming from the opposite direction.

In front of Sunny Food Supermarket, they nearly hit another car and drove toward the small roundabout where they managed to get back on to A.Th Illidge Road. They headed back towards the traffic light, but because of the traffic, and a 40-foot trailer truck, they became stuck between the trucks and cars that were parked on the side of the road.

Police responded quickly, caught and arrested all three individuals in the Kia Picanto.

Based on the official complaint filed against them 3 weeks ago, they were arrested and charged with threatening with a gun, and destruction of private property.

No official statement was sent by Police on the charges the men are facing for reckless driving, and destruction of a civilian and a police car.

More charges will be pinned on them as the investigation continues. To clarify for our readers: at this point of time, these 3 young men were not arrested for any armed robbery with deadly consequence.

As soon as the official statement of the Police has been released, our newsroom will update this story.


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