30 patients died, 637 new patients, a total of 3631 positive tested persons | 721 NEWS

Source RIVM UPDATE: 21-03-2020 | 14.00 (Holland time)

THE NETHERLANDS — As of yesterday (March 20), 637 people have been tested positive for the new coronavirus (COVID-19). This brings the total number of people tested positive to 3631. Among them are 836 people who have been or have been hospitalized.

30 patients have died from COVID-19 since the previous update. A total of 136 people died from the disease. Most deceased people are between 80 and 84 years old. The youngest deceased person is 63 years old.

Most people tested positive live in the province of Noord Brabant, namely 1180 people. After that, most people tested positive were reported in South Holland (486), North Holland (461) and Limburg (418).

The number of infections with the new coronavirus is higher than the number mentioned here. This is because not everyone is tested with possible infection, but especially patients who are so ill that they are hospitalized and caregivers.

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