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ARIZONA, United States –– A book about finding good in a time of turmoil has gained its writer some professional recognition.

Love in The Eye of The Storm: Hurricane Irma, Saint Martin & Togetherness”, authored by Billy Nahn, was selected as a finalist by the Independent Author Network in its 2019 Book of the Year Awards. The book was one of five finalists in the category “Non-Fiction: Travel/Nature/Photography.”

Love in The Eye of the Storm is described by the writer as “a dramatic true story about being on a Caribbean Island during one of the largest hurricanes in modern history. Survival, love, friendship, and gracious luck all come into play during this harrowing ordeal.”

One reader, Margaret King, described the book on Amazon as “an amazing and descriptive account of Mother Nature’s wrath and the human ability to overcome. Love in the Eye of the Storm brings you personally in and through the events, emotions and aftermath. I was emotionally exhausted after reading! I spent several nail-biting nights not wanting to put the book down and when I had read the last page, I was not disappointed.”

The book is available in paperback via online sources such as

Nahn is a first-time author who drew on his survival of Hurricane Irma as the muse for his book. Irma struck the dual Dutch-French island of St. Maarten/St. Martin in the Caribbean on September 6, 2017, as the most powerful hurricane to barrel down the Atlantic Ocean from Africa and slam into the Caribbean. The hurricane caused widespread damage from which the island is still recovering.

Though the ordeal was a frightening one, it launched Nahn on a new career path. “I enjoyed a wonderful career in advertising as a writer, director and producer. I was fortunate to direct three Super Bowl commercials for GoDaddy. After surviving the hurricane, and by the gracious love of my wife, I am embarking on a second career as an author and screenplay writer,” Nahn said on his profile.

Winning the category was Dancing With Death: An Epic and Inspiring Travel Adventure by Jean-Philippe Soulé. The other finalists were Excess Baggage: One Family’s Around-the-World Search for Balance by Tracey Carisch, U.S. Route 1: Rediscovering the New World by Mark A. Marchand, Walkabout to Wisdom: Awakening to Nature’s Teaching in the Australian Outback by Lachlan Hughson, and

Amsterdam Exposed: An American’s Journey Into The Red Light District by David Wienir.

The Independent Author Network (IAN) described itself as “a group of like-minded authors who are self-published or published by a small indie press. The group is open to all independent authors.

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