CC1 Manager Malcolm Van Heyningen took his own life after allegedly rape and illtreat his own sister in law. | 721 NEWS

Source The Daily Herald

MARIGOT—Two ladies walking their dogs in the grounds of the former La Belle Creole Hotel property in Baie Nettle discovered a lifeless body hanging in one of the ruined buildings on Sunday morning between 8:15 and 8:45

The walkers entered the property from the David’s Hole end and were about to turn left for the beach when one of the dogs faltered outside one of the buildings. It was there they saw the body hanging from a rope inside the building. The witnesses were asked to wait until the Gendarmes arrived to show them the exact location………(click hereREAD FULL STORY ON THE DAILY HERALD NEWS WEBSITE !!!

Source: 721 News


  1. Dios te Bendiga y nos Bendiga a toda la familia. Fuiste grande, en todo, Tú tía te siente muy cerca rezamos por ti Dios te de La Luz que aquí te faltó. Tus primos no pueden entender con su corta edad. D.E.P. Deborah Robert Eric Sheila Jordi
    Malcolm Siempre en nuestros corazones

  2. Malcolm tú tieta llorará tú ausencia nadie me enseñó a acostumbrarme a la ausencia de tu Primo Marc, ahora estarás con el y los que nos dejaron. Espérame en el Cielo te amo. I haré lo que sea para ver a tu hijo