Government and Civil Service Unions Curaçao ratify 'Bramendi Agreement' | 721 NEWS

~ Result of bilateral social dialogue on the legal status of civil servants ~

Willemstad, Curacao – During the meeting of the Central Organized Consultation in Civil Service Matters (CGOA), which was held last Thursday, February, 27, the Government of Curaçao, represented by the Minister of Governmental Affairs, Planning and Public Service (BPD) Mr. Armin Konket and the chairmen of the five government unions represented in the CGOA (ABVO, NAPB, SAP, STrAF and SITEK), signed the so-called ‘Bramendi Agreement’.

The ‘Bramendi Agreement’ is the result of negotiations that took place on October, 29, 2019, during which parties agreed on a priority list of issues to be addressed in the CGOA platform over a period of six months. They also jointly agreed on a procedure for the further elaboration of these issues.

The CGOA is the appropriate consultation platform established by law, in which the government, represented by the Minister of BPD and the above mentioned five trade unions, united in the Central Commission of Trade Unions (CCvV), hold consultations on all matters of general interest regarding the legal status of civil servants, including the general rules under which personnel policy will be conducted.

More information on the agreement can be found on the website

Source: 721 News