MP Buncamper queries Covid-19 protocols, ship rejections  | 721 NEWS

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – The continuous issues with cruise ships and the possible spreading of the Covid-19 (also called the Corona virus) due to the many factors of incubation and the lifespan of the virus in the atmosphere has raised some serious concerns by many persons in the community among them is United St. Maarten Party Member of Parliament Claudius Buncamper.

The MP has written to incumbent Prime Minister Silveria Jacob’s expressing his concerns and posing a number of questions. He wrote: “As a representative of the people, I myself am becoming seriously concerned with the manner how cruise ships in particular which are refused in other ports are allowed to be docked in St. Maarten.

“While I understand the economic aspect of the matter, we need not lose the serious implications that can follow with a possible outbreak on the island. Such will harm the island much more than refusing a few cruise ships where the possibilities of the COVID-19 virus are very possible. The activation of EOC on March 1st 2020 and by such taking the responsibility directly by the chair of the EOC away from the health experts, one must believe that the treats are quite serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly,” he said.