Dear Editor

Permit me a space on your network, to point out some very unfairness, that is going around with the Unions, especially the board of the NAPB, St. Maarten. While so called politicians also at this moment are enjoying, to use their opportunity in order to gain political popularity as if they are competing in some form of contest, their games are being played without adhering to the rules of campaigning.

First of all, I use to be a member of the KPSM. I also used to be a member of the NAPB. I am enjoying my pension now. At this moment my identity is not important but the message that I would like to bring across. Born on St. Maarten. Since NAPB has been established in St. Maarten for the St. Maarten workers in the KPSM,  it is only now I do see real things happening for the workers. With all due respect for the other boards that were there before. Indeed the boards before start of paved the way for the recent board to make things happen. Applause to that. I can recall that when this good gentlemen Mauricia, was installed as president of the NAPB, he called out for better communications, more unity and working together.

He promote those values across to other Unions representing workers on St. Maarten. Respect to him for that but there are still more work to be done to these values. But at least he put the framework. When he was installed as president he was unaware of this big task about the legal status of the members them of the police force of St. Maarten. It was after his installation that it was outline to him that the board has a priority on the table that need to finish and that he will be getting all the pressure on him as president in order to have it done. He never the less pick up, start studying, getting information and also seeking information from other experienced leaders from other Unions, who without hesitation, decided that they will stand firm with the NAPB in order to get it done.

Today I can not stand back and see all the hard work that this good gentleman together with his board and in collaborations from the other unions has done to reach this far, and do not say anything. I know this gentleman and I will approached him and let him know who wrote this letter to the editor.

First of all the rechtspositie was going to be signed without the members them of Immigration in 2018. During this meeting he stood up when that former minister came with that idea and say NO. I will not leave the Immigration behind because they are our members. If we have to wait we will wait. I guess no one recalled this Bold move from the Union back then in 2018.