Remembering who we are. | 721 NEWS

Lately the atmosphere or vibe on St.Maarten feels “heavy”. The tension is so tight, feels like at any moment something is going to snap.

“The friendly island” they say. Can we really still refer to ourselves as that? We are losing our way. We are losing ourselves in the chaotic manner that this island is being led.

We seem to be lost as a country, as a people. We get distracted easily by the trivial issues. Issues that blind us from what really needs our attention.

When will we truly realize the power in our voices? In our actions? We are heading into desperate times and with that serious measures are required.

Time to make your representatives do exactly that. Represent!

Not represent themselves or their image on the parliament floor. They need to check their egos at the door and have the balls to do what needs to get done.

My two cents.

Source: 721 News