SXM hospitality team back from SKILLS Netherlands Competition | 721 NEWS

Caribbean Kings teams on the opening night of SKILLS Netherlands:  the Bonaire construction team and the SXM hospitality team with guiding teachers

HOLLAND — Just before all large events in the Netherlands were discontinued due to Coronavirus prevention, three hospitality students from Sundial School, Jahmarly Lake, Samir Stokkel and Gweldo Fontaine got the chance to participate in the SKILLS Talents Competitions in Leeuwarden on March 5th.

On Wednesday March the 4th, they visited the large hall where the MBO level competitions had already started, since competitions at the tertiary level take 3 days in total. This visit boosted their self-esteem, since they actually observed some things that they could have done in a better way than the MBO hospitality students did. The competition day of March the 5th started off good, but sadly had to be discontinued when 1 student suddenly became unwell.

The Bonaire team completed their whole assignment and in the evening all Caribbean King students were able to go to the prize giving ceremony. The Sundial students were of course disappointed, because they felt they would have had a good chance of winning a prize if they could have completed their tasks.

During their week in the Netherlands, they visited an agricultural MBO school, gave a presentation on SXM, did a city tour of Leeuwarden and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. To our surprise they liked the cold and even the Dutch food and would have preferred to stay longer. However, duty called and from March 9 they were back in school, preparing for the -currently postponed- but still upcoming practical exams.

Source: 721 News