The President and Territorial Councils call for calm and communication | 721 NEWS

President-elect of the Collectivite, Mr. Daniel Gibbs

MARIGOT. Saint Martin — Since Thursday, December 12th, 2019 in the early morning, roadblocks have been erected throughout the territory, blocking the operation of the island.

These demonstrations are mainly the result of the discontent of a large part of the population of the island, worried and rejecting the implementation of the PPRN anticipated by decree of the Préfecture of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin last August 6th, 2019.

This application was done in spite of the unanimous rejection, including opposition, of the version of the anticipated PPRN presented on July 18 in the Territorial Council meeting.

While we have repeatedly asked for real consultation and for more time, the local services of the State have chosen not to hear our repeated warnings.

Our role as Government is to PROTECT our inhabitants, not to PREVENT them from living where they have always lived.

Faced with these massive expressions of anger, and after visiting some roadblocks, the territorial councilors wanted to receive at the end of the day the Préfète Mrs. Sylvie Feucher to understand the strategy of the state in the current situation.

This exchange finally took place over the telephone, during which the President asked the Préfète to prefer the concertation rather than using force to solve this crisis.

The elected members of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin, understand the concerns of the population.

However, the time must now be of appeasement. Hundreds of people have been stranded for hours on the roads and must be able to return to their homes safely.

We call for calm on the part of the demonstrators and for a dialogue with the State.

Source: 721 News