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Addy Richardson
Maurice Lake

Everyone has a purpose, and that purpose is simply to love, laugh and to live a happy, fulfilled life. It is to be useful, to give others your kindness, compassion, to give others your best and leaving a legacy of pushing others to grow, develop our mind and spirit.

Addy was born with a gift to make an impact on people lives. I can publicly say Addy has had an impact on my life of teaching my person on how to live, laugh and love life through entertainment and music after a long day of work.  In life, we need to work to live and not live to work.

I remember Addy working at Risdon’s in Philipsburg and having his own restaurant (opposite St. Peters Gas Station) which was the best local food and burgers on the island. Addy took pride in making his food and love to entertain his customers.

I used to go almost every Saturday to Addy’s restaurant just to eat some good local dishes and local tasty hamburgers and listen to Addy entertain his customers with laughter. I would go around 9a.m. and leave Addy’s restaurant after 3pm. We will miss Addy’s entertainment, food, jokes and life sharing experiences.

After a long week of work, I use to go every other Friday night to listen to Addy entertain the tourist and locals at the Gingerbread Café locally owned by Ruphus Ollivierre at the Belair Beach Hotel.  I love going over and enjoying the fresh breeze while listening and dancing to our talented Addy Richardson as he croons famous” Oldie Goldies” complimented by the sounds of dining by the beach.

Addy makes you feel at home as one family at the Gingerbread Café with DJ Ras. Addy always recognized my presence by playing my favorite zouk music. We would talk for hours about family and encourage each other as St. Maarteners.

In closing, Addy Richardson will be dearly missed by my person and especially the seniors who he adored and entertained for years. Addy was a God-fearing person who believed in God.

I thank God for Addy’s impact on my life of teaching me how to love, laugh and live a happy and fulfilled life. May his Soul Rest in Peace and let his legacy live on forever.

Maurice Lake

Source: 721 News