Update: Braemar has departed Curaçao’s port | 721 NEWS

Photo Cruise Ship Breamer leaving Curacao port. Photo courtesy of Curacao Chronicle

Source Curacao Chronicle

WILLEMSTAD – It was quite a panic this morning among the residents in Otrabanda when they witnessed the cruise ship Braemer dock in the harbor. Soon after the ship was docked, three health care specialists, including Curaçao’s leading epidemiologist Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth, went on board to take samples from 7 people. 4 were crew members and 3 passengers.

These samples were taken and sent to the ADC laboratory. They were also sent to a laboratory in the Netherlands for a second opinion. Dr. Gerstenbluth says, during a press conference, that they will continue sending these samples to the Netherlands until they know for sure that the results from the ADC laboratory are one hundred percent reliable.

The ship also requested supply and medication.

Now that they have everything, the ship together with the crew and all the passengers left the Curaçao harbor a little while ago. The 7 people will receive the result of the test as soon as it is in but Dr. Gerstenbluth said that they don’t have to wait here on the island for these results.

No one went off the ship while it was here in the harbor.


Source: 721 News https://www.721news.com/top-story/braemar-has-departed-curacaos-port/