UPDATE: St. Maarten registered first confirmed Covid-19 | 721 NEWS

PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – St. Maarten registers first positive Covid-19 case. This case is not yet deemed a confirmed case. A second test is necessary to give the case this status. The second test is on the way in the Netherlands.

Prime Minister Siliveria Jacobs said the St. Maarten resident, who tested positive in this first check, recently traveled to United Kingdom via Miami, is in self-quarantine. The resident called the Collective Preventive Services (CPS) 914 and on Sunday sample were taken and tested in Guadeloupe. The positive result was received.

A second confirmatory test on same patient will be carried out by the RIVM in the Netherlands to properly confirm the case. Based on Covid-19 protocols, a first positive test must be corroborated by a second independent test to be deemed a “confirmed” Covid-19 case.

This sample was one of five that are being monitored by CPS. All other samples have tested negative.