Update:  Student Injured in the area of Milton Peters College | 721 NEWS

The police patrol arrested the man with the initials J.M. on Thursday morning march 19th2020 at the police station.

The 18 year old suspect appeared at the police station in Philipsburg about 11.15 am, and informed the police officers of his involvement in the fight that took place a few days earlier.  He was immediately arrested and handed over to the investigating officers.

J.M is suspected of injuring the victim during a fight that took place on Tuesday march 17th in the area of the Milton peters college. The victim J.G is now in stable condition in the hospital in Curacao. The Juvenile department is still investigating this incident.  The suspect is being held at the police Station in Philipsburg.

First story:  Publish on Mar 18, 2020

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (KPSM) — On Tuesday afternoon march 17th 2020 around 01.00 pm the police dispatch received a call concerning a student who was injured during a fight, which took place in the area of Milton Peters College . The patrol and ambulance who arrived on the scene encountered a minor with the initials J.G who was dazed and could barely speak.

While being treated on the scene by the emergency personnel, police patrol tried to ascertain what took place, but the victim could not gave a clear account of what exactly happened to him. It later turned out that the victim was injured by a student from one of the nearby schools.

The victim was later rushed to the Sint Maarten Medical Center by ambulance personnel for further treatment. J.G who is critical condition was later flown to Curacao for further treatment. The Juvenile department is busy investigating this incident.

The police force KPSM is again reminding the students about the zero tolerance policy when it comes to school and gang fights and, we are also pleading with all parents and the community to get involved in trying to alleviate this rapidly growing problem. Parents of student involved in these fights should also be reminded there are also partly responsible for the behavior and attributed to their minor children.

Source: 721 News https://www.721news.com/top-story/mpc-student-in-critical-condition-was-flown-to-curacao/