CULTURE: Double book launch on Lady Ruby Bute | FAXINFO

At a double celebration at the Silk Cotton Grove art gallery in Friar's Bay, Ruby Bute and the founders of Fruits de Mer launched two books: "Rising Spirit-The Autobiography of Lady Ruby Bute" and the children's book “Soualikids”.

Attracting a large audience, the event was punctuated by interventions by Sabrina Charville from the Coffee & Soda Biscuits association, Mark Yokoyama and Jenn Jerkes from Fruits de Mer, a speech by Josianne Fleming, songs performed by Clara Reyes not forgetting the surprise appearance of the drum group Generation New Status. The 200-page autobiography written by one of the most renowned local artists with the help of Mark Yokoyama recounts, between Aruba and Saint Martin, her experiences, her challenges and her artistic and cultural contributions, including the teaching of art to children and prisoners. Despite life's ups and downs, Ruby has carved out her own place in the Saint-Martin art world, becoming a major cultural figure. His story, written with poetic flair, offers a unique perspective on the culture of Saint-Martin, touching as many people as possible. So that this beautiful story is transmitted to young people, Soualikids invites children to discover the work of Lady Ruby Bute, called the Mother of the Arts of Saint-Martin. Through his dynamic paintings and pastels, they connect with the rich heritage of their island. In addition, the Soualikids series offers words in English, French, Spanish and Dutch related to the cultural heritage of Saint-Martin. _VX

Source: Faxinfo