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A magnificent honorary evening organized by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin in honor of Paul Dinane was held on May 31 at the CCISM. This was the opportunity to thank our famous lifeguard for his dedication and present him with a certificate of recognition as well as a trophy of merit.

Committed, passionate, caring, educational, the superlatives followed one another to legitimately describe the personality and determination of Paul Dinane who, during his 37 years of service as a lifeguard in the region, brought together more than 150.000 children. on the beach of Grand-Case so that they master the art of swimming. Originally from Désirade, the man who will celebrate his 69th birthday next July will have marked the spirits of several generations of Saint-Martin residents, as evidenced by the interventions which punctuated the ceremony:

“For Paul, without obstacles, life has no flavor. Always respectful, his involvement was admirable with the youth and his loyalty unfailing. »

Wendy Gumbs, former head of the Community sports department


“If you think that after this ceremony, Paul will stop, you are wrong, he is a passionate man. When he starts to share his passion with you, you want to dive with him. »

Charles Henri Palvair, director of the Center of Excellence and Education through Sport (CEES)


“When I arrived 10 years ago I met the man of the sea, the man with the salako. Paul is a source of inspiration for many young people, with work of impeccable quality. »

Andy Armongon, project manager to the vice-rector, National Education


“I have great admiration and respect for Paul: You fought fervently to make swimming an acquired skill for all children on the island. Your retirement creates a considerable void but rest assured that your passion will remain. »

Marc Gérald Menard, territorial advisor, President of the Sports commission


“It’s an honor to be here. Paul made it possible to transmit the name of Désirade beyond the borders of Guadeloupe, he will be bored at the ministry of free time…"

Loïc Tonton, Mayor of La Désirade 


“Paul worked with modesty and kindness. I see him again on the little hill of Grand-Case where he told me 'you're going to get there, jump, go', I didn't jump and I still don't know how to swim! Paul has always been kind and very educational, even if it didn't work for me. I encourage him to be a dynamic retiree because no one will believe him if he says he is retired! »

Dominique Démocrite Louisy, 3rd vice-president of the Community of Saint-Martin


To conclude, the words of hero of the evening :

“My goal was for the word swimming to enter the Saint-Martin vocabulary, to ensure that swimming becomes an activity like football, basketball or volleyball. I think I got there. We can help a lot of young people with sport and I wish the next generation good luck! » Happy retirement to you, Paul, and thank you for your legendary good humor. _Vx

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